【2018】8 Best Beer and Chu-hi for Cherry Blossom Viewing

After long, cold winter, the season for cherry blossom viewing is coming.

What is essential for cherry blossom viewing parties is alcohol, isn’t it?

Spring version of beer and chu-hi to enjoy cherry blossoms and picnic will be introduced here!

1. Asahi Super Dry Special Package

Picture from Asahi Breweries

Asahi Breweries released 2018 version of “Cherry Blossom Super Dry” which is popular every year.

The package with cherry blossoms in full bloom on vivid pink will make dining tables and parties far more colorful. The beer might taste better.

* Content is exactly the same as Asahi Super Dry.

2. Clear Asahi Sakura no Utage (Cherry Blossom Party)

Picture from Asahi Breweries

Regular brand of new genre, Clear Asahi also released the spring version.

Its fresh finish and juicy, fruity fragrance suits cooking ingredients in spring.

The package design with cherry blossoms is great for spring meals.

3. YEBISU BEER, Cherry Blossom Package

Picture from Sapporo Breweries

Sapporo Breweries released its spring version of YEBISU BEER whose package has cherry blossoms changing into pink ones when it is cold. If you put two cans side by side like the picture above, a heart appears. This definitely matches spring colorful scenes such as cherry blossom viewing parties and picnics. You can enjoy it with your family members or friends.

* Content is exactly the same as YEBISU BEER.

4. Ichiban Shibori, Cherry Blossom Design Package

Picture from Kirin Brewery

Kirin Brewery has released Ichiban Shibori, Cherry Blossom Design Package only for this season.

The package with cherry blossoms in full bloom looked up from the downside is perfect for the spring party season. Even at home you can enjoy the atmosphere of cherry blossom viewing when you look at the package.

* Content is exactly the same as Ichiban Shibori.

5. Kinmugi, Spring Design

Picture from Suntory Beer

Suntory Beer has released Kinmugi, Spring Design in a limited quantity whose impressive package has a warbler and cherry blossoms in full bloom.

It will be nice to take a walk to enjoy cherry blossoms with this spring beer in your hand.

6. Kirin Hyoketsu Satonishiki (Cherry) and Peach

Picture from Kirin Brewery

The most familiar canned Chu-hi, Kirin Hyoketsu series has released its spring flavor Satonishiki and Peach with its spring package design.

Its fresh and juicy taste which reminds us of the spring season is great for cherry blossom viewing parties and picnics.

7. –196℃ Sakura Sakurambo (Cherry) and Haru Ichigo (Strawberry)

Picture from Suntory

Suntory Chu-hi -196℃ series has released its new products, Sakura Sakurambo and Haru Ichigo, which are really popular every spring.

Sakura Sakurambo uses Satonishiki, popular cherries from Yamagata Prefecture, and Haru Ichigo uses Tochiotome, popular strawberries from Tochigi Prefecture as its ingredients.

8. Asahi Chu-hi, Kajitsu-no- Shunkan, Kokusan Momo to Sakurambo (Peach and Cherry) & Ehime-san Iyokan (Iyokan Orange)

Picture from Asahi Breweries

Asahi Chu-hi Kajitsu-no-Shunkan that uses fruit juice extracted from Japanese fruit has released Peach and Cherry, and Iyokan Orange as its spring flavors.

Why don’t you enjoy some Japanese atmosphere with the fruity taste only for this season and colorful package design?

How Did You Enjoy This Article?

Spring versions of beer and chu-hi will definitely make your dining table or cherry blossom viewing party colorful.

Some are released in a limited quantity. If you find something interesting, please give it a try soon. Let’s enjoy the spring time with your favorite beer and chu-hi!