10 Best Retort-packed Curry Sold in Supermarkets in Japan

Easy-to-eat retort-packed curry is convenient and popular among busy house wives, business people and those living alone. These days, products just to put in the microwave as a box have been released, which is more convenient. However, you find a wide variety of retort-packed curry in supermarkets and might think, “Which one is good?”

This is the 10 Best retort-packed curry ranking! Enjoy!

Based on Urecon ranking data (top 100), retort-packed curry series selling well in supermarkets have been picked up.

1. Curry-ya Curry

Picture from House Foods

The best seller is Curry-ya Curry. It is hugely popular because of its curry sauce with a lot of ingredients in it and its reasonable price. It is good for a wide range of people from kids to adults. The best-selling flavor is medium-spicy, and spicy, very spicy, mild in decreasing popularity.

Average price: 90 yen per 200g, medium-spicy

2. Bon Curry Gold

Picture from Otsuka Foods

Bon Curry Gold enjoys an enduring popularity. Since it was released as the first retort-packed food in Japan in 1968, it has been loved by many people for a long time as an emblem of retort-packed curry. It has rich taste, which has not changed. The most popular flavor is medium-spicy, and mild and spicy have almost the same sales share. This is just to put in the microwave as a box.

Average price: 115 yen per 180g, medium-spicy

3. Curry Shokunin

Picture from Ezaki Glico

Curry Shokunin’s feature is its authentic curry sauce as if it was made by a professional chef. It attracts with its diverse lineup of flavors such as Beef Curry, Good-old Diner’s Curry and European Curry in addition to a variety of spiciness. This greatly helps busy people because they just put it in the microwave as a pouch.

Average price: 80 yen per 170 g, Beef Curry

4. Kukure Curry

Picture from House Foods

Kukure Curry’s feature is its mild taste that even kids can enjoy. The mildness is realized by blending grated apples and vegetables including tomatoes and onions. The medium-spicy one is relatively milder, so good for people who are not good at hot food. You can just put this in the microwave as a box.

Average price: 106 yen per 180g, medium-spicy

5. Ginza Curry

Picture from Meiji

Ginza Curry has its roots in the western food culture in Ginza, the traditional fashionable town in Tokyo and is spiced up as authentic western food. It is mild British curry with demiglace sauce base and goes well with rice. This has become popular via word-of-mouth.

Average price: 165 yen per 180g, medium-spicy

6. Anpanman Mini Pack Curry, Pork, Mild

Picture from Nagatanien

Anpanman Mini Pack Curry, Pork, Mild is the most popular retort-packed curry for kids. It contains two packs of 50g, small enough for young children to eat, and is convenient to carry around. It also seems good for lunch since it is tasty eaten on rice.

This product does not contain any eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts and soybeans, or use any chemical seasoning, fragrance, coloring and ingredients made from cattle.

Average price: 101yen per two 50g packs

7. Pro Quality, Beef Curry, with 4 packs

Picture from House Foods

Pro Quality is specially cooked retort-packed curry which has rich taste as if a professional cook had simmered it for hours. Since ingredients are melted in sauce, it is good with pork cutlet and hamburger.

Average price: 366 yen per 4 packs, 680g, medium-spicy

8. Curry Youbi

Picture from S&B Foods

Curry Youbi is a series of retort-packed curry which reproduced home-made curry. It has a lot of ingredients including meat and vegetables, and its taste of homestyle curry gains in popularity.

Average price: 203 yen per 230g, medium-spicy

9. Chicken to Thai Curry

Picture from INABA FOODS

Chicken to Thai Curry is authentic Thai curry cooked in Thailand. You can enjoy its authentic taste with its reasonable price lower than 100 yen. This is suitable for those who love Thai curry such as green curry and yellow curry. You can eat it with rice, or as soup to dip needles.

Average price: 74 yen per 115g, green curry

10. Uwasa no Meiten

Picture from S&B Foods

Uwasa no Meiten is a series of retort-packed curry which reproduced a famous curry restaurant’s advertising menu. This is recommended for those who would like to enjoy authentic curry of higher quality. Selling well are Butter Chicken Curry, which reproduces an advertising menu at a famous restaurant at Kanda, Tokyo, which is the biggest curry battleground in Japan, and Shonan Dry Curry and Ohfu (European) Beef Curry, which are from curry restaurants where people are waiting in line.

Average price: 272 yen per 200g, Butter Chicken Curry, medium-spicy

Reference: Urecon Best Selling Cooked Curry

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How did you enjoy this ranking of retort-packed curry sold in supermarkets? Japan has a great variety of products. Why don’t you find your or your family’s favorite one?

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