10 Best Foundation Available at Drugstores!

At a drugstore’s cosmetics section, isn’t it tricky to choose the right foundation from different kinds of products released from various cosmetics makers and brands? Hope this ranking of foundation will help you.

This ranking will show you which foundation is selling well at drugstores and supermarkets.

No.1 is MAQuillAGE Dramatic Powdery UV, Ochre 10. Through a unique press process, this foundation was made from fluffy mousse. So this has less powderiness than general powdery foundation, naturally blends into and adheres to the skin, and realizes beautiful finish like bare skin. High reputations are virally spread, such as “This foundation made my skin really smooth,” “It covers visible pores and uneven complexion easily,” and “it feels light and the makeup doesn’t come off easily.”

This product is highly evaluated, as it acquired the first prize as powdery foundation at @cosme’s Best Cosmetics Awards 2015.
Ochre 10 (natural light color) is the most popular, while Ochre 20 (natural color) is in the third place.

No. 2 is Primavista’s UV Powder Foundation with a Real Sense of Makeup, Ochre 05. Owing to shortage of sleep and menstruation, sometimes the makeup doesn’t go well. This kind of problem would be solved with this foundation. Its secret is Primavista’s unique powder. Fine powder adheres to invisible roughness of the skin and spreads smoothly and evenly, which makes it possible to apply the foundation to easy-to-get-rough skin beautifully. This beautiful finish is not the only reason for its popularity but also the facts that it prevents the skin from shining and creasing and keeps a beautiful look for a long time.
The most selling color is its main color, Ochre 05.

According to Urecon Data, MAQuillAGE in the first place seems popular among women in their 20s and 30s, while Primavista seems to be accepted by women in their 30s and 40s.

No.4 is INTEGRATE GRACY’s White Pact N, Ochre 20. This whiting powder foundation covers uneven complexion and age spots and makes the skin light and transparent and look younger.
This product line is for mature women, and Urecon Data shows it is accepted by women in their 40s and older and purchased more repeatedly than others.
The price, a little higher than 1,000 yen, is also attractive.
The most selling color is Ochre 20 (natural color), but Ochre 10 is also popular.

◆10 Best Foundation◆
1. MAQuillAGE, Dramatic Powdery UV (refill), Ochre 10
Average price: 3,031 yen
2. Primavista, UV Powder Foundation with a Real Sense of Makeup, OC 05
Average price: 2,853 yen
3. MAQuillAGE, Dramatic Powdery UV (refill), OC 20
Average price: 3,044 yen
4. INTEGRATE GRACY, White Pact N (R ), OC 20, 11G
Average price: 1,016 yen
5. Media Whitening Pact A3 (refill), OCC1
Average price: 703 yen
6. ESPRIQUE, Cool BB Spray, 002, 60g
Average price: 2,119 yen
7. Chifure, UV Bi-cake (refill), 33
Average price: 504 yen
8. COFFRET D‘OR Beauty Aura Pact UV, OCC
Average price: 2,826 yen
9. INTEGRATE GRACY, Moist Pact (R), OC20
Average price: 1,015 yen
10. Primavista Dea, Skin Tone Up Power Foundation UV, OC 05 9g
Average price: 3,053 yen

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How did you like it? These days you can see foundation of high quality at drugstores. Hope you find the right foundation for yourself.
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