5 Best Japanese Sake Available at Japanese Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

Japanese sake has a wide variety of flavors including fruity, gorgeous one and rich one. Some people say they feel like Japanese sake in the winter time. Here are 5 best Japanese sake available at Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores.

Which is Popular Japanese Sake?

Based upon Urecon’s sales ranking data, top 100, well-selling Japanese sake has been picked up and is shown in descending order of its market share.

No. 1: Maru Sake Pack 2L

Picture from Hakutsuru

This sake’s unique rich and mellow taste is brought by Hakutsuru’s original yeast and rice malt. Its well-balanced umami goes well with a wide variety of dishes and brings out the great taste of the dishes.

Alcohol concentration: 13 to 14 percent

Average price without tax: 887 yen

No. 2: Kyohime Shuzo, Kaminari Sandai 180ml

Picture from Kyohime Shuzo

This sake got the gold prize of affordable nurukan at National Kansake Contest 2017. It is unsugared, non-premium sake, but its alcohol concentration is high enough, 15 percent.

It has light and sweet taste and is easy to drink. It is great both as reishu, chilled sake, and jouon, served at room temperature.

Alcohol concentration: 15 to16 percent

Average price without tax: 93 yen

No. 3: One Cup Ozeki, Josen 180ml

Picture from Ozeki

One Cup Ozeki is synonymous of cup liquor. It has light and well-balanced taste. This represents the brand, Ozeki, and is a longtime seller, which has been loved for more than fifty years. It has got the gold prize by the Monde Selection eight times in a row from 2011 to 2018.

Alcohol concentration: 15 percent

Average price without tax: 187 yen

No. 4: Maru Sake Cup 200ml

Picture from Hakutsuru

Same as No.1. The size is easy to finish, 200ml.

Alcohol concentration: 13 to 14 percent

Average price without tax: 132 yen

No. 5: Shochikubai, Ten, Paper Pack 2L

Picture from Takara Shuzo

This product has been renewed for better taste while it still has its traditional rich and dry taste. Pictures of clouds and the calligraphy on the package are work by the mater, Sakaki Bakuzan.

Alcohol concentration: 13 percent
Average price without tax: 805 yen

Reference: Japanese Sake Sales Ranking

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Have You Found Japanese Sake You Would Like to Try?

How did you like this article? Five most popular Japanese sake have been introduced. Japanese sake could be the best for drinking at home in the cold winter. The best way of drinking varies depending on the kind. You should ask what the best way is when purchasing.

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