10 Best Sweets, Ranking by Category

If you are a bit hungry, sweets would save you. Do you have a habit of checking sweets sections at supermarkets or convenience stores? You must be curious about what kind of sweets are popular in Japan.

Here you can see sweets rankings by category. Hope they will help you find good ones for your daily snack time, teatime with your friends and outing.

First, here is a ranking of snack food! You cannot stop eating this kind of salty one, can you?

◆10 Best Snack Food◆
1. Jagarico, Salad, 60g
2. Calbee Potato Chips, Usushio (little salty), 60g
3. Calbee Potato Chips, Consomme Punch, 60g
4. Calbee Potato Chips, Norishio (seaweed and salt), 60g
5. Chip Star, S, Usushio (little salty), 50g
6. Kappa Ebisen, 90g
7. Jagarico, Cheese, 58g
8. KOIKE-YA Potato Chips, Norishio (seaweed and salt), 60g
9. Caramel Corn, 80g
10. Kata-age Potato, Usushio (little salty), 65g

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Do you love sweet chocolate? Yes!? A bite of chocolate would relax yourself when you are tired. Here is a most selling chocolate ranking!

◆10 Best Chocolate◆
1. Ghana, Milk Chocolate, 50g
2. Black Thunder (Yuraku Confectionery), 1 bar
3. Van Houten Chocolate, 53g
4. Rice Choco Bar (Riska), 1 bar
5. Giant Caplico, Strawberry, 1 bar
6. Toppo, 2 bags
7. Meiji Milk Chocolate, 50g
8. Netsle KITKAT Mini, 14 bars
9. Meiji Almond Chocolate, 88g
10. Koala no March, Chocolate, 50g

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Now, a ranking of biscuits and cookies! They are good with tea and coffee. Those crunchy and soft texture will make your stomach and heart happy.

◆TOP10 Best Biscuits and Cookies◆
1. Fujiya, Country Maam, Vanilla and Cocoa
2. Bourbon, Choco Chip Cookies, 15 pieces
3. Bourbon, Lumonde, 13 pieces
4. Morinaga, Moonlight, 14pieces
5. Nissin, Coconut Sable, 22 pieces
6. Bourbon, Alfort, Family Size, 204g
7. Morinaga, Choco Chip Cookies, 2 pieces×6
8. Pletz, Salad, 69g
9. Bisco with Cultured Butter, 15 pieces
10. Morinaga, Choice, 14 pieces

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Snack to go with green tea is rice biscuits such as rice crackers, which attract people in a wide age range, small kids to the elderly. Here is the ranking of rice biscuits!

◆10 Best Rice Biscuits◆
1. Kameda Kaki-no-tane, 6-pack, 200g
2. Happy Turn, 120g
3. Sanko Seika, Tsubuyori Komochi, 90g
4. Sanko Seika, Yuki no Yado, Salad, 24 pieces
5. Kameda Kaki-no-tane, Wasabi, 6-pack, 182g
6. Kameda Seika, Magari Sembei, 18 pieces
7. Iwatsuka Confectionery, Kuromame Sembei Fukumame-iri, 10 pieces
8. Sanko Seika, Sanko-no-Sarada-Sen, 18 pieces
9. Kameda Tsumami-dane, 130g
10. Kameda Seika, Usuyaki Salad, 93g

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A piece of candy would help you if you are starving. Since you can always put it in your bag or desk drawer, candy is very popular for snack food for outing or at work. This is the candy ranking in Japan!

◆10 Best Candy◆
1. Kabaya, Tablets, 90g
2. Meiji, Kaju Gummi, Budo (Grape), 51g
3. Morinaga Seika, Ramune, 29g
4. Fujiya, Anpanman Gummi, Budo (Grape) 6 pieces
5. HI-CHEW, Assort, 94g
6. Asahi F&H, MINTIA Wild & Cool, 50 pieces
7. MINTIA Cold Smash, 50 pieces
8. Chupa Chups, The Best of Flavors, 1 piece
9. HI-CHEW, Grape, 12 pieces
10. Meiji, Kaju Gummi, Onshu Mikan, 51g

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Did you enjoy these rankings of sweets by category? These products are available at supermarkets, convenience stores and drugstores around you, so if you want to try something different or are looking for something good for your guests, they would help you.

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