10 Best Laundry Detergent

Aren’t you sure which laundry detergent is good for you? There are various kinds of laundry detergent in market from traditional washing powder to mainstream, liquid detergent to gelball one called the third detergent.
We provide information on kinds and features of laundry detergent here and the ranking of detergent selling well at drugstores and supermarkets in Japan. Hope this will help you if you are looking for the right one for you.

There are three different types of laundry detergent and each has its own features.

1. Washing Powder

This is a traditional type of detergent. Its advantage is its excellent detergency. Most of washing powder is weakly alkaline, and on the contrary, most of stains are acid. Ingredients with opposite nature make the stains go away the most effectively, which is the reason weakly alkaline washing powder is the best for washing out the stains. It also is the most reasonable, which is good for saving.
Its disadvantage is the fact that the washing powder sometimes remains without being dissolved. Especially it will be hard to get dissolved in cold water, you should use warm water in the winter time.

2. Liquid Laundry Detergent

This type of detergent is mainstream. Liquid detergent never remains without being dissolved and is easy to use since you do not have to rinse the laundry twice.
Its disadvantage is the fact that detergency is milder than washing powder and it is difficult to wash the greasy dirt away. You should use liquid detergent for slight dirt and washing powder for visible dirt.

3. Gelball Laundry Detergent

Gelball detergent has been drawing attention lately as the third detergent. If you toss one in the laundry, you are done. You do not have to measure, so it is easy to use. You do not have to rinse the laundry twice, which means it shortens the laundry time. The cleaning power is much better compared to liquid detergent.

Its disadvantage is the price, a little more expensive than washing powder and liquid detergent, and the fact it is not suitable for small amount of laundry (less than 30 liters) because it is impossible to adjust the amount of detergent. However, some people say they cannot use other types of detergent once you start using this.

Here is the ranking of laundry detergent sold during three months from May through July, 2016.
No.1 is P&G’s Ariel Ion Power Gel, Science Plus.
The greatest feature of this product is that its 50 times antibacterial power prevents nasty smell from half-dry laundry as well as smell from sebum stain.
Unlike traditional antibacterial detergent, it prevents bacteria causing the smell from half-dry laundry from multiplying, so it is good for those who frequently dry the laundry indoors or are concerned about bad smell.
Its high reputation spread by word of mouth such as “It doesn’t smell even when I dry the laundry in my room,” and “It removes the stain effectively.”
This detergent even keeps the washing tub mold-free, and it is unnecessary to rinse twice.

No. 2 is Attack High Penetration Bio Gel.
This product has high reputation on its superior detergency. Its unique Penetrating Cleaning Ingredient penetrates deep into invisible dirt in the fiber material and removes the dirt thoroughly.
Its herbal green aroma includes natural eucalyptus ingredient, which is good for those who do not like strong flavors.

Picture from Kao

No. 3 is Kao’s New Beads. This traditional washing powder enjoys an enduring popularity.
It is said that washing powder has superior detergency. Since New Beads includes bleaching agent, it is suitable for cleaning yellowing clothes or tough dirt. It is great for families with active small kids who bring mud stain.
It does not use fluorescent agent, so you can use it for cleaning pale-color clothes such as pastel-color and unbleached color.
Its aroma from lilies of the valley is also highly accepted, which is good with softeners.

Picture from Kao

◆10 Best Laundry Detergent◆
1. Ariel Ion Power Gel Science Plus (refill), 770g
Average price: 200 yen
2. Attack High Penetration Bio Gel (refill), 770g
Average price: 182 yen
3. New Beads (Big), 850g
Average price: 187 yen
4. Top Clear Liquid (Refill), 810g
Average price: 187 yen
5. Bold Fragrance Supplement-In Gel (refill), 715g
Average price: 212 yen
6. Fragrance New Beads Gel (refill), 730ml
Average price: 200 yen
7. Attack Antibacterial EX Super Clear Gel (refill), 810g
Average price: 230 yen
8. Ariel Ion Power Gel Science Plus (Double extra-large refill), 1.35kg
Average price: 421 yen
9. Attack High-active Bio EX (refill)
Average price: 266 yen
10. Attack Neo Antibacterial EXW Power (Double extra-large refill), 950g
Average price: 692 yen

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There many different types of laundry detergent. You should choose the right one depending on how dirty clothes are and your own lifestyle.
If you do not know what to buy, this ranking will give you some hints.

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