【April 2019】5Best Toothpastes Available at Japanese Drugstores

Toothpaste is something essential for tooth-cleaning. Some people do not seem to use toothpaste, but one with effective ingredients helps you keep your teeth healthy. Five most selling toothpastes at Japanese drugstores are shown here.

Which is Popular Toothpaste?

Based upon Urecon’s sales ranking data, top 100, toothpastes representing high market share have been picked up and are shown below.

No. 1: Clear Clean, Natural Mint, 130g

Picture from Kao

This toothpaste includes granules (*1) which transforms on uneven surface of teeth and breaks, and makes your teeth smooth. Fluorine (*2) to prevent tooth decay and its progress is also included. The toothpaste cleanses oral cavity and prevents bad breath. It has aroma of natural mint.
*1 Granule A, *2 sodium monofluorophosphate

Average price: 145 yen

No. 2: Clear Clean, Extra Cool, 130g

Picture from Kao

The second most popular toothpaste is the flavor of Extra Cool of Clear Clean, which leads the market. It seems to be popular because of its great cost performance.

Average price: 143 yen

No. 3* GUM Dental Paste, 120g

Picture from Sunstar Inc.

This toothpaste sterilizes periodontal disease bacteria, absorbs and removes splinters of the bacteria, and prevents inflammation. It effectively prevents periodontal disease, gingivitis and periodontitis, and bad breath.

Average price: 252 yen

No. 4: Clinica, Mild Mint, Vertical Type, 130g

Picture from LION

This toothpaste has its unique system of making fluorine stay for long time. It promotes enamel regeneration to prevent tooth decay and its progress. Newly included TDS makes dental plaque easy to fall off.
※TDS:tetradecenesulfonate Na (cleanser)

Average price: 155 yen

No. 5: Shumitekuto, Periodontal Disease Care, 90g

Picture from Earth Corporation

Periodontal disease causes unpleasant symptoms such as bleeding from the gum, bad breath and sticky feeling. You should deal with it as soon as possible. This toothpaste prevents dental hypersensitivity, gingivitis and periodontitis. Fluorine, sodium fluoride, strengthens the teeth and prevents teeth from decaying and its progress.

Average price: 499 yen

Reference: Urecon Tooth Paste Sales Ranking

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