5 Best Skin Care Products for Men Popular at Japanese Drugstores

These days more and more men care their skin, but sometimes it is hard to choose the right skin care product because there are so many kinds of skin care products for men.

Then why don’t you try ones available in your neighborhood at the drugstores?

We have selected and will introduce popular products among men in their thirties through fifties from skin care products for men selling well at drugstores.

If you would like to pick up a good one from men’s cosmetics commercially available, this article would be a great help.

5 Best Skin Care Products for Men

Based upon the Urecon’s sales ranking data, we have picked up the popular skin care products among men in their thirties, forties and fifties from men’s cosmetics selling well at drugstores and pharmacies.

No.1: NIVEA MEN Active Age Lotion

Picture from Kao

NIVEA MEN Active Age Lotion with the high share of sales and repeat rate is lotion popular especially among men in their thirties through fifties.

It contains skin-beautifying compositions such as coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C derivative and is effective to the skin tone, wrinkles caused by dryness and blotch. If you are concerned that you look older, this product will be of help.

Since this does not contain alcohol, the skin does not hurt even if you use it after shaving.

Non-fragrance type, good for men who do not like aroma.

Average price: 1,430 yen / 100ml

No.2: GATSBY Yakuyo Skin Care Water

Picture from Mandom

GATSBY Yakuyo Skin Care Water is lotion right for the men’s skin which is oily and dry at the same time.

Hyaluronic acid and penetration type collagen optimize the balance of moisture on the skin and remove roughness and shininess from the skin. This also prevents acne.

It provides non-sticky and fresh feeling after use and is great for several scenes such as after washing your face, after shaving and when it is dry.

The price is reasonable, around 560 yen, and this product is recommended for those who place an emphasis on cost-performance.

Average price: 558 yen / 170ml

No.3: LUCIDO Yakuyo Total Care Nyueki

Picture from Mandom

LUCIDO Yakuyo Total Care Nyueki handles all of the seven skin troubles with increased ages, dryness, blotch, shininess, a razor rash, wrinkles caused by dryness, skin tone, and dullness.

This product provides moist feeling, and is good for middle-aged men who feels lotion is too less moist or for the dry season.

It is not sticky after use.

Non-fragrance, non-coloring and antiseptic free.

Average price: 854 yen / 100ml


Picture from Kao

NIVEA MEN CRÈME, which came out in September, 2017, got the first place in the Urecon ranking, skin cream and milk for men category soon after the launch.

The non-sticky cream quickly fits to the skin and is usable for the whole body; face, neck, body, hands and legs.

If you are concerned about your skin’s dryness and roughness but you feel it troublesome to do skin care, this is the right one for you.

Average price: 435 yen / 75g

No.5: Uno Cream Perfection

Picture from SHISEIDO

Uno Cream Perfection is all-in-one cream for men and handles the skin dryness and stickiness.

This product plays five roles: lotion, milky lotion, serum, cream and mask, so you can care your skin easily.

The gel provides comfortable feeling for use and is usable for all seasons.

Average price: 928 yen / 90g

Have You Found  Good Men’s Cosmetics?

How did you like this article? We have introduced skin care products for men selling well at drugstores in Japan.

With your favorite cosmetics, let’s maintain the young skin against dryness and aging.

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