【August 2019】5 Best Lip Balms Available at Japanese Drugstores

Just like hand cream in the previous article, lip balm is essential to keep moisture of lips, preventing them from getting dry and rough. Women with moist and shiny lips are attractive. This article shows five best lip balms popular at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores. 

What is Popular Lip Balm?

Based upon Urecon’s sales ranking data, top 100, lip balms representing high market share have been picked up and are shown below.

No. 1: DHC, Yakuyo Lip Cream, 1.5g

Picture from DHC

This product contains protecting components such as olive virgin oil, aloe essence, licorice derivative and vitamin C. Its excellent moisturizing power prevent the lips from getting dry and protecting gently. It is good to apply this before putting on a lipstick and after removing it. If you apply this before putting on a lipstick, it keeps the lips moist and the color beautiful. After taking off a lipstick, it adds natural glow. 

No. 2: NIVEA, Deep Moisture Lip, Fragrance Free, 2.2g

Picture from Kao

This lip balm keeps the lips really moist and slightly glossy for a long time. Thanks to its unique way of maintaining the moisture for long hours, the moisture expands rapidly and the lip balm melts on the warm lips and stays there.

No. 3: NIVEA, Natural Color Lip, Bright Up, Cherry Red, 3.5g

Picture from Kao

This product adds faint color even on the dull lips to make them look healthy. Adjusting the lips’ color and dullness, it adds healthy and bright color. Light diffusion powder is included and its soft-focus effect makes vertical wrinkles on the lips seen less.

No. 4: Mentholatum, Water Lip, Fragrance Free, 4.5g

Picture from Rohto harmaceutical

This product provides the lips with plenty of moisture to keep them moist. Super hyaluronic acid and collagen is contained. This protects the lips not only from dryness but also ultraviolet rays. (SPF20/PA++)

No. 5: Mentholatum, Melty Cream Lip, Fragrance Free, 2.4g

Picture from Rohto Pharmaceutical

This lip balm melts on the warm lips and keeps them moisturized for long hours. The lip balms with the fragrances of green tea, milk vanilla, and rich honey are also available. 

Have You Found Lip Balm You Would Like to Try?

How did you like this article which introduced five best lip balms popular at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores? If you are not sure which one to take, please see each product’s effect and get the moist lips with the right lip balm for you.

Reference: Urecon Lip Balm Category Sales Ranking

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