【July 2019】5 Best Eyebrow Powders Available at Japanese Drugstores

Eyebrows are essential parts to determine the impression of the face. The color is adjustable depending on the hair color or clothes with eyebrow powder. It enables to draw eyebrows in a natural and soft way so that you can put on fashionable makeup. Five best eyebrow powders sold in Japanese supermarkets and drugstores will be shown here.

Which is Popular Eyebrow Powder?

Based upon Urecon’s sales ranking data, top 100, eyebrow powders representing high market share have been picked up and are shown below. 

No. 1: KATE Designing Eyebrow, 3D EX-4, Light Brown, 2.2g

Picture from Kanebo Cosmetics

This product realizes soft and natural eyebrows and shadow of the ridge of the nose and 3D eyes. It consists of three colors; darker, medium and lighter brown. It is recommended to those with yellow base.

No. 2: KATE Designing Eyebrow, 3D EX-5, Brown

Picture from Kanebo Cosmetics

The color is darker compared to the one on No. 1. This product is recommended to those with rather blue base.

No. 3: Maybelline Fashion Brow, Powder-in Pencil, BR-3

Picture from Nihon L’Oreal

With adhering powder components, the powder does not fall off easily although it realizes soft and natural finishing. The pencil is cut to triangle so that it can draw various lines flexibly, so it is easy to add ends of eyebrows. It provides natural solidity with inner ends of and the whole eyebrows.

No. 4: media W Eyebrow Pencil and Powder, NB-1

Picture from Kanebo Cosmetics

This product has pencil and powder at both ends. The pencil core is soft and oval, which makes it possible to draw smoothly on the flabby skin. The use of both pencil and powder makes natural and soft eyebrows.

No. 5: CEZANNE Nose & Eyebrow Powder, 01


This product is powder but hard to fall off, and the soft beautiful eyebrows last long. It has double ends, brushes for nose shadow on one end and for eyebrows on the other end.

Have You Found a Good Eyebrow Powder for Yourself?

How do you like this article, which shows five best-selling eyebrow powder at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores? You should choose eyebrow powder with plural colors; darker and lighter ones. The darker one is good for the middle and ends of eyebrows, and the light one is usable for inner ends of eyebrows and nose shadow.

Reference: Urecon Eyebrow Powder Sales Ranking

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