【July 2020】5 Best Hair Growth Agents for Women Available at Japanese Drugstores

Hair is a key for women’s beauty. Are you caring your hair to keep it of good quality? The older you get, the more hair falls out. Thinner hair could make yourself look elderly. If you are concerned about these issues, you might want to try hair growth agents available at drugstores at hand. This page shows top five on sales ranking of hair growth agents for women available at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores. 

Which is Popular Hair Growth Agent for Women?

Based on Urecon’s sales ranking data, TOP 100, hair growth agents for women selling well at Japanese drugstores have been picked up and shown in the decreasing order of sales.

No. 1: Malty Medical Hair Restorer, 180g

Source: Bathclin Corporation

If you notice more hair falling out, you should try this. Herbal medicine and vitamer included stimulates blood circulation and prevents hair from falling out. It has no fragrance and fresh usability. It is actually popular among consumers. Its price is reasonable and it is recommended for those who would like to massage their head with this lotion type product. 

No. 2: Ladies Kaminomoto HQ Fragrance Free, 150ml

Source: Kaminomoto Co., Ltd.

Nine kinds of active components including female hormone, ethynylestradiol prevent hair from falling out by smoothing nutrient supply to scalp and hair bulbs and nourishes healthy hair with appropriate stiffness and volume. If you are worried about thin hair or falling out of hair after disease or childbirth, you should try this. 

No. 3: Ladies Kaminomoto EX Fragrance Free, 150ml

Source: Kaminomoto Co., Ltd.

This is aging care lotion you can use before worrying about falling out of hair. Active components to nourish healthy hair are included and adjust functions of scalp and hair roots, prevent hair from falling out, and make healthy and beautiful hair with appropriate stiffness and volume. 

No. 4: Malty Medical Hair Restorer Essence, 130g

Source: Bathclin Corporation

Malty Medical Hair Restorer Essence is popular among women who worry about not only fallen hair but also scalp on their part and hairlines. Herbal medicine included promotes blood circulation and activate hair roots. This product prevents hair from falling out, promotes new hair growth, and help you have beautiful hair with stiffness. 

No. 5: Malty Medical Hair Restorer Botanical Cool, 180g

Source: Bathclin Corporation

Fresh and slight citrus mint fragrance will make yourself refreshed. It includes herbal medicine and botanical refreshing components. You can enjoy Cool and Spa atmosphere at the end of the day.

Have You Found Good Hair Growth Agent for Yourself?

How do you like this page showing top five of sales ranking of hair growth agents for women? It is important to use this kind of hair growth agent every day to take care of your hair and scalp. Japanese drugstores sell various kinds of products including lotion type and spray type, so please try to find one you like.

Reference: Urecon Hair Growth Agents for Women Ranking

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