5 Best Cosmetics to Prevent Makeup Deterioration in the Summer

In hot summer, it is necessary to pay attention to makeup deterioration by perspiration. Although putting on makeup in the morning, you see shine on the face around noon. This is what many women worry about.
So, useful cosmetics to prevent makeup deterioration and maintain your beauty for long hours even in the summer will be introduced.
If you are struggling against makeup deterioration, please check this out.

No.1: SOFINA Primavista Long Keep Base

Picture from Kao

Base makeup is essential to prevent makeup deterioration. What is recommended is SOFINA Primavista Long Keep Base, which has won lots of cosmetics awards.
This product was renewed in January 2018 to improve the function of preventing makeup deterioration. It prevents foundation from coming off or running and keeps your skin smooth for long hours. It is effective for not only usual makeup but also special one for a certain occasion. It wins the first place in Urecon Sales Ranking for the makeup base category.

Average price: 2,714 yen / 25ml

No. 2: INTEGRATE Crush Jelly Foundation

Picture from Shiseido

INTEGATE Crush Jelly Foundation keeps coming up a lot in SNS lately. It is quite new concerning the way of using the foundation: users destroy the jelly foundation by crushing through mesh.
It provides cool and pleasant feeling and water-based jelly adheres finely to the skin. This foundation is hard to be blended with sebum, which prevents makeup deterioration, and covers pores and rough skin.
According to Urecon’s data, this product is popular among women in their twenties to forties.
Average price: 1,951 yen / 18g, Bright Beige *As of April 2018

No.3: Keana Pate Shokunin, Hinyari BB Powder

Picture from Tokiwa Pharmaceutical

Keana Pate Shokunin Hinyari BB Powder, which is very popular every summer, is right for those who are reluctant to put on makeup in the hot summer.
If you put this on after skincare, it covers the rough skin and keeps the skin smooth by preventing sweat, water and sebum. Two kinds of cooling ingredients brings fresh and cool healing every time you sweat.
Moreover, it has high UV protection effect, SPF50+, PA++++, and it is absolutely usable when going out in the summer. This also comes with mirror, which is rare as loose type foundation, and it is possible to fix the makeup easily and quickly while you are out.

Average price: 1,143 yen *As of April, 2018

No.4: PRIOR Cool Bitsuya BB Spray UV 50 b

Picture from Shiseido

What is recommended for those in their fifties and sixties is PRIOR Cool Bitsuya BB Spray UV.
It has seven functions: foundation, makeup base, UV protection, astringent, skin beauty liquid, skin color control, and face powder, and it is not necessary to use anything else after skincare.
With its minus 5 degree cool feeling and moisturizing effect, this product provides cool and pleasant skin without makeup deterioration.

Average price: 2,249 yen / 50g, Natural *As of April, 2018

No.5: CEZANNE Hishi Tekari Onaoshi Eki

Picture from CEZANNE Cosmetics

CEZANNE, which is a popular brand as affordable cosmetics, released Hishi Tekari Onaoshi Eki which is usable on your makeup.
You can apply it on areas you care about shine such as around nostrils. Powder with high sebum absorbing property absorbs the sebum instantly and provides smooth skin.
The container is quite compact and easy to carry around and fix the makeup when you are out.
Average price: 560 yen / 7.5g *As of April 2018

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Let’s make your skin tolerant to perspiration and sebum by making use of cosmetics to prevent makeup deterioration.

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