【December 2017】7 Best Amino Acid Shampoo Popular at Japanese Drugstores

Since you wash your hair every day, you would like to use shampoo gentle on your scalp and hair, wouldn’t you? Then we recommend you amino acid shampoo.

This article shows popular amino acid shampoo available at Japanese drugstores!

If you are not sure which product to choose, please take a look at this.


Which is Popular Amino Acid Shampoo?  Let’s Take a Look at the Sales Ranking.

Based on Urecon’s ranking data (TOP 100), we have picked up amino acid shampoo (*) selling well at Japanese drugstores and show the products in descending order of sales.

*Shampoo containing amino-base cleaning component

No.1: ICHIKAMI, Intense Double Moisturizing Care Shampoo

Picture from Kracie Holdings

Popular ICHIKAMI series available at a reasonable price at Japanese drugstores contains low-irritation, plant-derived amino-base cleaning components.

Intense Double Moisturizing Care, which is selling the most among the three kinds of this series, offers high moisture retention with moisturizing ingredients such as apricot oil and tea blossom extract.

This product prevents the hair and scalp from drying, so is recommended for those who have split ends, dry hair and have trouble handling their hair.

This is non-silicone shampoo, but prevents the hair from creaking.

Average price: 324 yen / 340ml, refill

No. 2: ICHIKAMI, Sleek, Smooth Care Shampoo

Picture from Kracie Holdings

ICHIKAMI’s Sleek, Smooth Care Shampoo adopts Cuticle Smoothing Formula with amino-base cleaning components and moisturizing ingredients derived from rice.

This product prevents creaks and friction and smooths even tangled hair down to its ends.

The cherry blossom aroma is said to be comfortable.

Average price: 324 yen / 340ml, refill

No. 3: BOTANIST, Botanical Shampoo, Moist

Picture from I-ne

The familiar BOTANIST is safely produced by containing a soap component and an amino acid based active agent with balance and good for even children.

The price is high compared to other shampoo sold at Japanese drugstores, but those who would like to choose shampoo which is gentle to the hair and scalp will like this.

Moist Type provides a plaint touch and moist finishing with damaged hair.

Average price: 1,339 yen / 490ml with container

No. 4: BOTANIST, Botanical Shampoo, Smooth

Picture from I-ne

BOTANIST’s Smooth provides light and powdery feeling with the hair.

If you have fine hair that gets tangled easily or would like to have good finger-combing smoothness, you should get this.

Average price: 1,339 yen / 490ml with container

No. 5: Dear Beaute HIMAWARI, Oil In Shampoo (Rich and Repair)

Picture from Kracie Holdings

Dear Beaute Himawari is non-silicone shampoo which contains sunflower extract.

While the price is reasonable, it is hypoallergenic shampoo that contains amino-base cleaning components of good quality.

Rich and Repair, the most popular among the series of Dear Beaute Himawari, restores balance of lipid and moisture of the hair and improves the setting properties by controlling roughness and dryness of the hair.

Average price: 577 yen / 360ml, refill

No. 6: ICHIKAMI, Revitalizing Shampoo (Funwari Volume Care)

Picture from Kracie Holdings

ICHIKAMI’s Revitalizing Shampoo (Funwari Volume Care) contains pomegranate extract and soybeans extract containing isoflavones to provide moisture and sheen with hair.

This product protects against decreased volume due to peeling of the cuticle and provides soft, glossy finishing.

If you have thin hair or want to get the hair with firmness and elasticity, you should try this.

Average price: 328 yen / 340ml, refill

No. 7: Je l’aime Amino Damage Repair Shampoo, Moist and Smooth


Je l’aime Amino is a series of shampoo which contains 18 kinds of amino acid including amino-base cleaning components with low-irritation and is effective to repair damaged hair.

The more popular Moist and Smooth is especially good for damaged hair which gets tangled easily.

This shampoo lathers well and provides a sleek, smooth and comfortable finish. This is non-silicone shampoo, but prevents the hair from creaking.

Average price: 670 yen / 400ml, refill

Reference: Urecon Shampoo Sales Ranking

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