【June 2019】5 Best Sweat-Removing Sheets Available at Japanese Drugstores

It is really sticky and comfortable after sweating, isn’t it? You would like to take a shower if possible, but it is rarely possible. Then what helps you is a sweat-removing sheet, which gets rid of sweat and stickiness while you are out for long hours. It is really helpful during the hot and humid summer in Japan. Ow you can see top 5 on the sales ranking of sweat-removing sheets sold in Japanese supermarkets and drugstores.

Which Sweat-Removing Sheets are Selling Well?

Based upon Urecon’s sales ranking data, top 100, sweat-removing sheets representing high market share have been picked up and are shown below. 

No. 1: Biore Sarasara Powder Sheet, Soap Flagrance, Portable, 10 Sheets

Picture from Kao

This product has long-lasting soap fragrance. The brand, Biore reminds you of the image of dry and comfortable skin. The size with 10 sheets is good to carry around.

Its uniquely developed way of clearing sebum makes it possible to get rid of sebum which causes stickiness and odor entirely. Even if you sweat, clothing rarely sticks to the skin. Powder does not remain white on the skin. The sheet consisting of four sheets is thick and strong enough. Its concavo-convex sheet catches sweat and sebum which causes stickiness and odor.

No. 2: Biore Sarasara Powder Sheet, Marine to Floral Flagrance, Portable, 10 Sheets

Picture from Kao

This Powder Sheet is unique because the flagrance smoothly changes from Marine to Floral.

No. 3: Biore Hiya Sheet, Floral Fragrance, Big, 20 Sheets

Picture from Kao

The moment you use this sheet, you can feel cooler by three degrees. It includes cooling water and the size is big. At the moment you wipe the sweat, the heat is taken away. The fragrance is Fresh Floral.

No. 4: Biore Sarasara Powder Sheet, Medical Deodorant, Portable, 10 Sheets

Picture from Kao

For those who are not good at fragrance, this is the medical deodorant Powder Sheet. It blocks odor from armpit to foot for long hours.

No. 5: Biore Hiya Sheet, Non-Fragrance, Big, 20 Sheets

PIcture from Kao

This is the non-fragrance type of No. 3, Biore Hiya Sheet.

Have You Found a Good Sweat-Removing Sheet?

How did you like this article which shows five best sweat-removing sheets available at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores. With these products, sweat hardly puts on the clothing, you should wipe your body with these sheets before going out. The portable size with ten sheets are popular and you can use this kind of sheet outside. Though all the products from No. 1 through No. 5 are from Biore brand of Kao, other manufacturers have released a lot. Please check them out.

Reference: Urecon Antiperspirant and Deodorant Products Sales Ranking

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