【May 2019】5 Best Medicine for Insect Bites Available at Japanese Drugstores

The summer is the season for going out. It is fun but at the same time you cannot avoid insect bites. Nobody likes being itchy after getting bit by a mosquito. This article introduces Top five on sales ranking of medicine for insect bites available at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores.

Which is Popular?

Based upon Urecon’s sales ranking data, top 100, medicine for insect bites selling well at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores have been picked up and are shown below.

No. 1: Liquid Muhi, S2a 50ml

Picture from Ikeda Mohando

You can apply this medicine quickly anytime, and you do not need to wash your hands after use. This product works quickly.

No. 2: Muhi S, 18g

Picture from Ikeda Mohando

Muhi S is the long seller and best known as medicine for insect bites. It spreads well, is not sticky and does not remain white on the skin.

No. 3: New Una Kowa Cool, 55ml

Picture from Kowa Company

This cold medicine gets rid of itchiness quickly. The sponge makes it possible to apply the medicine evenly.

No. 4: Liquid Muhi Alpha EX, 35ml

Picture from Ikeda Mohando

Prednisolone valerate acetate (PVA) which has great anti-inflammatory effect is combined with diphenhydramine hydrochloride which suppresses the itch quickly.
This works not only for mosquito bites but also bites by mites, fleas, caterpillars, centipedes and jellyfish.

No. 5: Muhi Alpha EX, 15g

Picture from Ikeda Mohando

This product is crème type of the one in No. 4.

<Extra Edition! Have you heard of app as insect repellent?>

Have you heard of app as insect repellent, although it is different from medicine for insect bites? It seems to have high frequency sound that mosquitoes hate. Why don’t you try it?

Have You Found Good Medicine for Insect Bites?

How did you like this article which shows Top five on the sales ranking of medicine for insect bites sold in Japanese supermarkets and drugstores?

Reference: Urecon Medicine for Insect Bites Sales Ranking

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