【November 2017】5 Best Diet Supplement Selling Well at Japanese Drugstores

Diet supplement is easily available at drugstores and convenience stores in Japan. When you try something, you might not be sure which one to do so because there are so many kinds.

This article will show you the sales ranking of diet supplement sold at drugstores.

Which is Popular Diet Supplement? Here is The Sales Ranking!

Based on the Urecon’s raking data, we have picked up diet supplement selling well at drugstores in Japan. Popular products are shown in descending order of sales.

No.1: Kenja-no-shokutaku Doube Support 30 Packets

Picture from Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Kenja-no-shokutaku Double Support is powder supplement which indigestible dextrin which has been attracting attention as an effective ingredient for a diet.

This diet fiber slows down the body’s absorption of sugar and lipids, and if you enjoy it with meal, it will help make the body difficult to put on weight.

The taste does not change after dissolving in water, you can take it with water or your favorite drinks such as green tea.

Indigestible dextrin fortifies the intestine regulating function and has effects on ameliorating constipation.

Average price: 1,699 yen

Classified as Food for Specified Health Use.

No.2: Calolimit

Picture from FANCL

Calolimit, which is diet supplement to reduce calories, is used by many models and actresses.

This product contains five ingredients such as gymnemic acid and iminosugar derived from mulberry leaves to reduce calories.

If you take 4 pieces a day, the body’s absorption of sugar and lipids is slowed down, and you can stick to a diet without restricting the diet.

This is easily available at convenience stores and drugstores in your neighborhood and those who often eat out could keep it in their bags.

This product is popular among female consumers of wide generations, mainly in their twenties and thirties.

Average price: 1,377 yen / 30 days

Classified as Functional Food.

No.3: Otona-no Calolimit

Picture from FANCL

Otona-no Cololimit focuses on not only calories of diet but also depression of the metabolic function.

Black ginger, which approaches metabolic rhythm slowing down with age, is contained to support mature people’s diet.

If you feel the changes after you turned forty, such as “Despite I eat as I did when I was younger, I have been gaining weight with age,” or “I have done some exercises, but haven’t lost any weight yet,” this product is recommended.

Average price: 2,455 yen / 30 days  ※As of November 2017

Classified as Functional Food.

No.4: Forskolii

Picture from: DHC

DHC’s Forskolli is diet supplement which focuses on lean body mass (LBM).

Its main ingredient, Coleus forskolii is said to break down fat in the body.

The concept is to reduce only body fat without reducing muscles and bones, and this product is good for those who want a beautiful hourglass body.

If you do some exercises including walking, lipid metabolism seems to be accelerated.

As you take this continuously, you will see diet effect.

Average price: 1,641 yen / 20 days ※As of November 2017

Classified as nutrition supplement

No. 5: Yeast x Enzyme Diet

Picture from Metabolic

Yeast x Enzyme Diet is diet supplement which enable us to take in yeasts and enzymes at the same time.

This product contains enzymes to enhance the metabolism and yeast-derived peptide, which they got a manufacturing process patent for, and Krantz aloe.

The double power of yeasts and enzymes optimizes the inside of the body, so this product is recommended for those who want to succeed in diet while improving physical constitution.

Average price: 1,152 yen / 30 times ※As of November 2017

Classified as nutrition supplement

Reference: Urecon Health Foods Sales Ranking

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Have You Found Good Diet Supplement?

How did you like the article? We have introduced diet supplemtent selling well at drugstores in Japan.

Diet supplement has a variety: one to reduce calories, one to accelerate metabolism, and others.

Based on the sales ranking shown above, why don’t you find the right one for yourself.

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