【November 2017】5 Best Lotion Tissues Selling Well at Japanese Drugstores

Lotion tissues with soft and soothing feeling helps you solve your problem that rough tissues rub your nose wrong way when you fight against cold and hay fever.

However, drugstores have plenty of similar products and they could make it hard to choose the right one for you.

Here we will introduce the sales ranking of lotion tissues sold at Japanese drugstores!

Which Is Popular Among Lotion Tissues? Let’s Take a Look at the Sales Ranking

Based on the urecon’s sales ranking data (top 100), lotion tissues selling well at drugstores have been picked up. Popular products will be shown in descending order of sales.

No.1 Elleair Zeitaku Hoshitsu

Picture from Daio Paper

No. 1 is Elleair Zeitaku Hoshitsu. It contains moisturizing ingredients; glycerin, hyaluronic acid, collagen and luxurious soothing feeing gentle to the nose is unique.

It gets highly evaluation by those suffering from hay fever and rhinitis, saying this tissue never hurt the nose after blowing your nose repeatedly.

This quality is good for children’s skin, so this product is popular among mothers.

Average price: 191 yen / 400 sheets (2-ply tissues)

 No. 2 nepia Hana Celeb Tissue

Picture from Oji Nepia

The second most popular product is nepia Hana Celeb Tissue.

This tissue contains double moisturizing ingredients and natural substance deprived squalene and its soft and soothing feeling is unique.

Its original cute package with patterns of animals seems heal the nose and heart. The product packages with penguin and panda which are only sold at convenience stores are also attractive.

Average price: 203 yen / 400 sheets(2-ply tissues)

No. 3 Kleenex Lotion Tissues X

Picture from Nippon Paper Crecia

Kleenex Lotion Tissues X is of high quality, which was developed to protect  sensitive skin when blowing your nose.

Its unique Sandwich Manufacturing Method of applying lotion on both sides of the tissue realizes premium and soothing feeling.

Moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter decrease lighten the burden to the skin, so this product is recommended not only for those with sensitive skin but also those suffering from cold and hay fever.

This tissue is hardly broken as a lotion one and easy to handle.

Average price: 199 yen / 360 sheets (2-ply tissues)

No. 4 Kleenex Tissues Aqua Veil

Picture from Nippon Paper Crecia

Kleenex Tissue Aqua Veil has smooth feeling with moisturizing ingredients to keep moisture.

This is reasonable, whose price is around 100 yen per box, and usable not only for blowing your nose but also for putting on makeup and wiping your mouth.

Average price: 465 yen / 360 sheets (2-ply tissues) × 5-box pack

No. 5 Elleair Zeitaku Hoshitsu Hana Sokai Menthol

Picture from Daio Paper

Elleair Zeitaku Hoshitsu Hana Sokai Menthol is a lotion tissue with fragrance, containing six kinds of herb extract such as peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender.

Its fresh fragrance is comfortable and especially accepted by those with nasal congestion caused by hay fever and cold.

Average price: 204 yen / 320 sheets (2-ply tissues)

Reference: Urecon Tissue Paper Category Sales Ranking

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Have You Found Good Lotion Tissues?

How did you like this article which showed sales ranking of lotion tissues selling well at drugstores in Japan.

When you are not sure which to buy, refer to this ranking to find one that suits your taste or use.

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