【November 2019】Sales Ranking of Japanese Sake Available at Japanese Supermarkets

Japanese sake is good for the cold weather. Some people might think Japanese sake is popular among the elderly, but is it true? Let’s see the sales ranking of Japanese sake available at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores! 

Which Japanese sake is popular? 

Based on the Urecon’s ranking data (up to Top 100), Japanese sake selling well at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores has been picked up and its sales ranking is shown below. 

No. 1: Maru, Sake Pack, 2L

Source: Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.

This is the most popular among people in their seventies. Since Maru, Sake Pack was released in 1984, it has been loved by many people.  In 2017, its quality of liquor was renewed for the first time, it has better taste by applying Hakutsuru’s original yeast and Koji Four Step Manufacturing Method.

No. 2: Kyohime Syuzo, Kaminari Sandai, 180ml

Source: Kiyohime Syuzo

Surprisingly, this product’s repeat rate is some 42 percent, which is almost double the average repeat rate of other products, some 25 percent. It is easy to drink with plain and sweet taste. Major purchasers are people in their sixties and seventies.

No. 3: One Cup Ozeki, Josen, 180ml

Source: Ozeki Co. Ltd.

This is a long seller which has been loved for more than fifty years as a representative of Ozeki. It has well-balanced, plain taste, and is purchased by people in their seventies. 

What is Chosen by Middle-aged People

Each of Japanese sake introduced above seems to be purchased by those in their sixties and seventies. Then what are younger people interested in? They are shown below based on urecon’s age-categorized data.

Shochikubai, Shirakabegura, Mio, Sparkling Sake, 300ml

Source: Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Muscat-like flavor and harmony of sweetness and sourness. This is a new wave sparkling sake. Since the bottle design is stylish, it is chosen by younger people in their twenties, thirties and forties. 

Gekkeikan, THE SHOT, Hanayagu Dry, Daiginjo, Binzume, 180ml

Source: Gekkeikan Sake, Co., Ltd.

Gekkeikan, THE SHOT series provided new value with Japanese sake. Its original bottle is freshly designed, whose image is totally different from existing ones, and suggests novel drinking style such as one of foreign liquors’ shot bottle. People can drink in a fashionable style, sometimes opening and closing the lid of the bottle. Thanks to yeast providing beautiful aroma just as apples, this sake has fruity and dry taste. 

Gekkeikan, THE SHOT, Tsuyameku Rich, Honjozo, Binzume, 180ml

Source: Gekkeikan Sake, Co., Ltd.

This product has sweet aroma just like bananas, tasting of juicy fruits and sweetness derived from rice. This rich taste is brought by special manufacturing method to draw sweetness.

Have You Found Good Japanese Sake for You?

How did you enjoy this article showing the sales ranking of Japanese sake available at Japanese supermarkets? It should be a good reference for Japanese sake fans in their thirties and forties. Urecon has a lot of data on Japanese sake, which will help you find a good one for you.

Reference: Urecon Japanese Sake Sales Ranking

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