5 Best Deodorizing Sprays for Clothes

In Christmas and holiday season, you should have a lot of parties. Odors of alcohol, dishes and sweat on clothes… Deodorizing sprays are useful for sterilization and disinfection and there are many on the market. So five best deodorizing sprays for clothes are shown below.

No.1: TOP NANOX, Sterilizing and Deodorizing Spray for Clothes and Fabric Products

Source: Lion Corporation

By only spraying, ninety-nine percent of virus is reduced. This product has high efficiency of deodorizing and functions of antibacterial, moldproofing and virus removing as well. It is also recommended to use when there is a lot of flu going around. After spraying, you can enjoy slight smell.

No. 2: Kao, Style Care, Fuku no Mist

Source: Kao Corporation

This is good for clothes you do not wash after wearing once, whose wrinkles and odor you are concerned about. Once you spray, wrinkles and odor on the clothes go away and you can wear it again pleasantly. It also has static protection. It has fresh aroma but it does not stay after drying.

No. 3: Proud Men, Suit Refresher, Matsukaze


This deodorizing spray has been popular lately. Portable size. Fresh plants aroma with Japanese fragrance such as pine tree and pepper tree. From middle to last note, slight sweet aroma of musk and cedar stays, which matches with autumn and winter fashion. 

No. 4: Non-Smell Seisuika, Spray for Clothes, Fabric Products and Space, No Fragrance, with Container, 300ml

Source: Hakugen Earth

This is deodorizing spray without fragrance. It is practical because it dries quickly after spraying. It can be used for clothes and fabric products and it can spray around 280 times. Its container looks simple and stylish, so it matches interior.

No. 5: Febreze, Double Sterilization

Source: P&G

This new Febreze has better deodorizing components. It deodorizes the smell of tabacco, body, and food such as barbecue, and makes clothes fresh as if they were washed. It is good for fabric products including sofa and mats. No fragrance remains.

Have You Found a Good Deodorizing Spray for You?

How did you like this article? Five best deodorizing sprays have been shown. Other than these products, there are a great variety of products on the market, please try to find a good one matching your life style.