【September 2020】5 Best Gargling Mouthwashes Available at Japanese Drugstores

You might be thinking of getting gargling mouthwashes for cold and flu prevention. However, it must be hard to decide which to take, since many manufacturers sell those products with various active components and features. This page shows five best gargling mouthwashes selling well at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores based on the sales ranking.

Which is Popular Gargling Mouthwash? Let’s Look at the Sales Ranking.

Based on Urecon’s sales ranking data, TOP 100, gargling mouthwashes selling well at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores have been picked up and shown in the decreasing order of sales.

No. 1: Isodine Gargle Solution, 120ml

Source: Shionogi Healthcare Co., Ltd.

When it comes to gargling mouthwashes, you may think of Isodine. Isodine Gargle Solution contains povidone iodine as its active component. Its bactericidal and disinfecting effects spread out all over the mouth and throat, and work against various kinds of bacteria, true fungi and viruses.

No. 2: Isodine Gargle Solution, C 480ml

Source: Shionogi Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Isodine Gargle Solution C contains l-menthol as cooling agent and refreshing flavoring agent. It refreshes the mouth and throat.

No. 3: Meiji Gargle Solution, 120ml

Source: Meiji Co., Ltd.

Meiji Gargle Solution has both bactericidal and disinfecting effects for the mouth and throat by povidone iodine as its active component and breath odor eliminating effect by gargling.

No. 4: Asadaame AZ Gargle Solution, 100ml

Source: Asadaame Co., Ltd.

Asadaame AG Gargle Solution contains azulene sodium sulfonate, water-soluble azulone and works for swelling the oral cavity and throat by viruses. Gargling with this solution prevents the throat from being swollen by working directly to the oral cavity and mucous membrane of throat. This product is for gargling 250 times, so it is always usable, not only in the season cold is spreading.

No. 5: New Colgen Kowa, Gargle Solution One Push, 350ml

Source: Kowa Company Ltd.

This product is designed to get appropriate amount of solution with one push. It is usable when you care about the breath odor. When you have uncomfortable throat after going out or you are concerned with oral discomfort and odor, it is recommended to use this as mouthwash.

Extra Edition: Gargling Mouthwash for Heavy Smokers!

No. 6: Laringoal, 20 ml

Source: Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

This product contains tincture of myrrh and rhatania with great effects for inflammation. It is good when your throat is inflamed because of cold, using the throat too much or smoking too much. It is popular because it has a refreshing effect as well and is reasonable.

Have you Found a Good Gargling Mouthwash for You?

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Reference: Urecon Gargling Mouthwash Sales Ranking

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