Which is Popular Eye-drops for Hay Fever? Sales Ranking of Eye-drops with Antipruritic Efficacy.

Spring is the hay fever season. Many people suffer from symptoms of hay fever: a runny nose, sneezes, itchy eyes and bloodshot eyes. If you are keen to relieve eye itchiness, eye-drops will help you.

This article shows you eye-drops for hay fever which are popular at drugstores in Japan.

For Your Itchy Eyes: 5 Best Eye-drops for Hay Fever

Based upon the Urecon ranking data,  5 eye-drops have been picked up from what sold well  at drugstores in the last hay fever season. Here is the ranking!

No.1: Rohto Alguard

Picture from Rohto Pharmaceutical

Alguard is the top brand of anti-hay fever products, and this is the most popular product.

Four kinds of active ingredients such as excellent anti-inflammatory agent and vitamin B6 to add nutrition to eyes improve symptoms including itchy eyes and bloodshot eyes.

Its fresh feeling removes annoyance. Its reasonable price, around 400 yen, is also preferable.

Mild type, Alguard S is also popular and accepted by those who do not prefer refresh feeling and women.

No.2: Rohto Alguard Contact a

Picture from Rohto Pharmaceutical

Alguard Contact a is a rare product for hay fever which is usable without removing contact lenses.

It is usable with various contact lenses such as soft ones and hard ones, except for colored ones.

If you cannot focus on working with itchy eyes, this must help you.

No.3: Rohto Alguard Cool EX

Picture from Rohto Pharmaceutical

Alguard Cool EX is right for those who love refresh feeling.

Level of refreshing feeling is the highest among five levels, and the feeling lasts long.

Medication containing four kinds of active ingredients stay in the eyes, and the effects last.

No.4: Sante AL Cool

Picture from Santen Parmaceutical

The second most popular brand is Sente AL Cool .

Antihistamine effectively prevents itchiness and bloodshot eyes and ingredients to accelerate to repair tissues damaged by inflammation are also contained.

Refreshing feeling this product provides is comfortable.

No.5: Mytear ALPITATTO EXα

Picture from Senju Pharmaceutical

Mytear ALPITATTO EXα series are eye-drops exclusively for allergies which contain maximum density(*) of antihistamine effective for itchy eyes.

Retail price is 1,800 yen, which is expensive compared to other eye-drops for hay fever.  However, its efficacy can be expected enough,  and therefore, this product is recommended to those who have not seen enough efficacy with existing eye-drops for allergies.

This works for bloodshot eyes, watery eyes, and gritty eyes.

Two types are provided; cool type and non-cool type.

*Conforming to approved standards for manufacturing and marketing of non-prescription ophthalmic remedy.

Reference: Sales Ranking of eye-drops in the hay-fever season, 2016

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Eye-drops for Hay Fever Will Help You!

How did you like this article?  We have selected and introduced eye-drops that sold well at drugstores in 2016. If you are not sure which eye-drops you should choose, we hope you refer to this article.

Sometimes itchy eyes and watery eyes caused by hay fever lead to serious troubles in your daily life. If you have serious symptoms, we recommend you to go to an ophthalmologist.

※Please make sure to read the document attached before using eye-drops and use them with right dosage and administration.

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