5 Best Wet Tissues Sold in Japanese Drugstores

The colder it gets, the drier the air is, the more active various kinds of virus and bacteria become. For avoiding such virus and cleaning up in this season, hand wipes with high sterilizing power are selling well.

Which are Popular Hand Wipes?

Based upon Urecon’s sales ranking data, top 100, five kinds of wet tissues with sterilizing power selling well at Japanese drugstores have been picked up and are shown in descending order of sales.

No. 1: Silcot Non-alcohol Sterilizing Wet Tissues, Refill 45 sheets x3

Picture from Unicharm

These thick sheets are easy to use for fingers and personal effects. Since this product is non-alcohol and non-fragrance, it is great to wipe kids’ hands.

Average price before tax: 360 yen

No. 2: Silcot Pure Water Wet Tissues, Refill 60 sheets ×3

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Since this product contains 99% of pure water, it is gentle to the skin and usable for your hands and month. It is recommended to use this before and after meals.

Average price before tax: 360 yen

No. 3: Elleair Jokin-dekiru Alcohol Towels, Refill 80 Sheets

Picture from Daio Paper

This product contains high-density alcohol and aloe essence. It is usable for wiping personal effects and hands. It is good for kitchen appliances including refrigerators and tables.

Average price before tax: 308 yen

No. 4: Silcot 99.99% Sterilizing Wet Tissues, Refill 40 Sheets ×3

Picture from Unicharm

This product contains high-density alcohol. Its thick and fine mesh sheet scrapes off the dirt. It surely gets rid of not only the dirt but also invisible germs around the kitchen table.

Average price before tax: 357 yen

No. 5: Elleair Jokin-dekiru Alcohol Towels for Virus, Refill 70 Sheets

Picture from Daio Paper

Just wiping off, you can sterilize easily with these wet towels. This wet towel thoroughly gets rid of virus and germs. It is recommended for wiping off the hands after changing diapers, keeping hospital rooms and nursing-care equipment clean, and cleaning up the kitchen and refrigerator.

Average price before tax: 308 yen

Reference: Urecon Wet Tissues Category Sales Ranking

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Have You Found Good Wet Tissues?

How did you like this article? Wet tissues selling well at Japanese drugstores have been shown here.

All you need to do to get rid of the virus and germs is to just wipe off. Let’s make it a habit to prevent virus and germs from activating.

If you are not sure to which one to buy, please find a good one for your usage based on this ranking.

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