【April 2020】5 Best Frikake, Dried Food Sprinkled over Rice, Available at Japanese Supermarkets

Japanese people have been sprinkling Furikake over rice since long ago. This food culture is uniquely Japanese and Furikake best fits rice. If you cook various ingredients together with Furikake, you can enjoy meal more. It also helps mothers cook three times a day quickly for kids who are away from school because of COVID-19. This article shows five best Furikake selling well at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores.

Which Furikake is Selling Well?

Based on Urecon’s sales ranking data, TOP 100, Furikake, dried food sprinkled over rice, selling well at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores has been picked up and shown in the decreasing order of sales.

No. 1: Marumiya, Noritama, Big Bag, 58g

Source: Marumiya Corporation

Noritama on the first place is the standard of Furikake, simply the best for rice ball or sprinkling over rice. This is a great combination of faintly sweet egg and seaweed with fresh aroma. 

No. 2: Marumiya, Noritama, Mixed Seaweed and Salmon, 31g

Source: Marumiya Corporation

This product is a combination of aromatic flavorful salmon and seaweed of high quality. Other than sprinkling it over rice, you should try to make omelet by mixing this Frikake, leek and eggs.

No. 3: Mishima, Yukari, Bag, 26g

Source: Mishima Foods

Yukari is a long seller released in 1970. It can be used as a seasoning for pickles or as an ingredient of gyoza.

No. 4: Marumiya, Soft Frikake, Salmon, 28g

Source: Marumiya Corporation

This product’s moist and soft texture fits rice. Unlike dry Furikake, it is just like a side dish.

No. 5: Marumiya, Mixed Seaweed and Young Greens, 31g

Source: Marumiya Corporation

This product’s feature is its sesame flavor. How about using this for topping of somen noodles? 

Have You Found Frikake You Would Like to Try? 

How did you like this article showing five most-selling Frikake, dried food sprinkled over rice, at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores? Frikake is divided into two kinds, dry one and soft one and most of the products on this ranking are dry ones, but you can find more soft ones at the stores. Let’s go find the best one for you.

Reference: Urecon Furikake Sales Ranking

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