【January 2018】5 Best Affordable Eyeliners Popular at Japanese Drugstores

Eyeliners are essential to make your eyes attractive. It would be appreciated if it is inexpensive and cost-effective.

Then we recommend affordable items available at Japanese drugstores.

Now enjoy the sales ranking of cost-effective eyeliners whose prices are lower than 2,000 yen.

Which is Popular Eyeliner? Here is the Sales Ranking.

Base on the Urecon’s ranking data (Best 100), eyeliners selling well at drugstores have been picked up. Popular products are shown in descending order of sales.

No.1: Flowfushi, Moteliner Liquid, Brown Black

Picture from Flowfushi

The most selling eyeliner among others is Flowfushi Moteliner Liquid, Brown Black.

It enjoys a good reputation because its unique brush called Yamato Takumi Fude has smooth touch, and it hardly blurs into tears or sweat and hardly peels off.

This very popular color, Brown Black gently emphasizes eye impression. If you think black is too strong and brown is not strong enough, this is recommended.

Average price: 1,407 yen

No. 2: Heroine Make, Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep, Shikkoku Black

Picture from Isehan

Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep is tolerant of sweat, tears and sebum and hardly blurs for a long time.

Its very fine brush of 0.1mm draws thin lines easily and the beautiful line can be kept as it is all day.

The very popular color, Shikkoku Black makes your eyes shiny and impressive.

This is waterproof, but removable with hot water.

Average price: 941 yen

No.3: Maybelline New York, Hyper Sharp Liner R, Shikkoku Black

Picture from Maybelline

Maybelline New York’s Hyper Sharp Liner R is a popular liquid eyeliner because it can draw beautiful super fine lines.

Its fine brush of 0.01mm can draw an ultra-thin line to the corner of the eyes at will.

The color Shikkoku Black is most suitable when you would like to make your eyes look bigger.

Average price: 1,140 yen

No.4: DeJavu, Micchaku Eyeliner Lasting Fine a, Fudepen Liquid, Glossy Black

Picture from Imju

DeJavu’s Micchaku Eyeliner Lasting Fine a, Fudepen Liquid has a fine brush which can draw both an ulta-fine line and a thick line smoothly at will.

It hardly blurs but is removable with hot water.

Glossy black creates your eye looks with sharp, impressive lines.

Average price: 1,133 yen

No.5: KATE, Eye Silhouette Marker, Koi Black

Picture from Kanebo

KATE’s Eye Silhouette Marker, released in November 2017, has already become the topic of conversation, saying you can fill the gaps between eyelashes easily.

Using this product just like stamping makes your eyes more impressive with more eyelashes.

Thick Black has good color development and hardly blurs.

Average price: 957 yen

Reference: Sales Ranking of Eyeliners

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Have You Found Good Eyeliner?

How did you like this article? We have introduced the sales ranking of eyeliners selling well at drugstores.

Every product shown is affordable but of good quality: easy to use, hard to blur.

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