【October 2018】5 Best Medicated Lip Balms Available at Japanese Drugstores

The dry season makes you concerned about chapped lips. These days various types of lip balms are at stores, but medicated ones are effective for seriously chapped lips with scaling and fissures. This article shows the sales ranking of medicated lip balms available at Japanese drugstores.

Which is Popular Medicated Lip Balm? Here is the Sales Ranking!

Based upon Urecon’s sales ranking data, medicated lip balms selling well at Japanese pharmacies and drugstores have been picked up and are shown in descending order of sales.

No. 1: Mentholatum Medical Lip nc

Picture from Rohto Pharmaceutical

The most selling medicated lip balm is Mentholatum Medical Lip nc released by Rohto Pharmaceutical. Five active components including allantoin, glycyrrhetic acid andvitamin E derivative medicate the chapped lips and make them moist and smooth. Since it does not contain refrigerant, it is good for delicate lips. Its tube type container is easy to use and carry about.

Average price: 814 yen / 8.5g

No. 2: Mentholatum Medical Lip b

Picture from Rohto Pharmaceutical

This product contains menthol and in a jar. This is recommended for those who would like refreshing feeling. This is preferred by those who suffer from chapped lips and angular stomatitis since it is highly effective and the cost performance is good.

Average price: 815 yen / 8.5g

No. 3: Dental Pill Cream

Picture from Morishita Jintan

Dental Pill Cream is medicine to cure tumid lips. Since it contains steroidal inflammatory medicine, it is effective for cheilitis and angular stomatitis. Its tube type container makes it easy to apply and great for those who worry about prolonged tumid lips.

Children older than three years old can use this medicine, so it is good for lick dermatitis.

Average price: 1,168 yen / 5g

No. 4: Yuskin medi Lip

Picture from Yusukin Pharmaceutical

This medicated lip balm is released by Yusukin, which is well-known for its hand cream.

This product contains almost the same active components as Mentholatum Medical Lip as well as many kinds of moisturizing agent. It is recommended for those who would like to cure lips with fissures and angular stomatitis and make the lips moist. It is said that this lip balms cures the rough lips quickly.

Average price: 862 yen / 8.5g

No. 5: Mentholatum Hibipuro LP

Picture from Rohto Pharmaceutical

Mentholatum Hibipuro LP is a medicine for lips with fissures and angular stomatitis which are difficult to cure with lip balms. Active components including allantoin, panthenol andvitamin E derivative repair the affected part. It is hard to come off and protects the lips with fissures. It is effective to apply before going to bed. Average price: 948 yen / 6g

Reference: Other Agents for Dental and Oral Use Category Sales Ranking See detailed sales ranking of other agents for dental and oral use including medicine for cheilitis and angular stomatitis. >> その他の歯科口腔用薬カテゴリのランキング(1-15位)を見る


Have You Found Good Medicated Lip Balms?

How did you like this article which showed the sales ranking of medicated lip balms selling well at Japanese drugstores? If you do not know which one to take, please refer to this ranking to find the best one for your symptom or purpose.

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