【TOP5】Affordable Lipsticks Popular at Japanese Drugstores

If you have a lot of chances to see people, you would like to make a fine impression. Lipsticks are easy to change and try something new. You can enjoy makeup depending on scenes or who you see. With affordable lipsticks, you can try various options. Five most popular affordable lipsticks available at Japanese drugstores are shown here!

Which Lipstick is Popular?

Based upon Urecon’s sales ranking data, top 100, popular lipsticks have been picked up and are shown in descending order of sales.

No. 1: Chifure Lipsticks, Refill

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Chifure lipsticks have cases to reuse many times. You can choose your favorite color of lipstick and put it in the case, which is eco-friendly. This product contains hyaluronic acid as a moisturizing ingredient. It spreads smoothly and fits the lip. It makes feminine, moist and full lips. It is great to put on before dating.

Average price without tax: 354 yen, The case is sold separately.

No. 2: Chifure Lipsticks, Y Series

Picture from chifureshop.jp

The color on the lip is exactly the same as the one of the lipstick. Its vivid color lasts long, and it is of slim type. Fragrance free.

Average price without tax: 488 yen

No. 3: Kose Cosmenience Lip Gel Magic 18

Picture from Amazon

Ingredients to prevent color migration make a gel layer on the surface of the lip and  coat the lipstick and prevent it from transferring to the collar or glass. Fragrance free and color free. It can be used around sixty times in one product.

Average price without tax: 1,470 yen

No. 4: Cezanne Color Tint Lip CT4

Picture from Amazon

This product colors the lip beautifully. Four kinds of moisturizing ingredients are contained, and the lipstick can be applied smoothly even on the dry lip. Its deep color provides you with mature impression. It has thin tip to make it easy to apply to the mouth corner or upper lip. Fragrance free and alcohol free. This product is recommended for those with sensitive skin since no ultraviolet absorber is used.

Average price without tax: 592 yen

No. 5: Integrate Gracy Elegance CC Rouge BR683

Picture from Amazon

This is a high-function CC rouge with beautiful color and makes full lips. It keeps moisture and covers dullness and vertical lines on the lip. It has 21 color variation. The case is sold separately and easy to buy a replacement.

Average price without tax: 494 yen, the case is sold separately.

Have You Found a Nice Lipstick?

How did you like this article? We have introduced five most popular affordable lipsticks available at Japanese drugstores. The lip color could drastically change your impression. Make yourself a woman with great impression and find a partner!

Reference: Urecon Affordable Lipsticks Sales Ranking

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