【2018】Snacks and Drinks Only for Doll’s Festival Season Available at Japanese Supermarkets

As Doll’s Festival gets closer, snacks and juice have colorful and special version for the season.

Then popular snacks and drinks available only this time of the year are shown here.

Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores have more and more products with special packages for Doll’s Festival or new flavors for the spring season.

No. 1: Big Tirol <Doll’s Festival>

Picture from PR TIMES

Tirol Choco releases this cute product suitable for Doll’s Festival.

The box changes its shape to a tiered stand. Individual package has a picture of the emperor and the empress, three court ladies and five court-musicians and you can enjoy the display as well.

There are three flavors: BIS, Peach and Strawberry-vanilla.

No.2: Caramel Corn <Doll’s Festival> and Caramel Corn Peach Tart <Doll’s Festival>

Pictures from Tohato

The popular red caramel corn transforms into a character of the emperor, and the peach tart flavor with the design of a character of the empress is the limited flavor of this season. Two colors of caramel corn, white and pink are included and the taste and appearance are both suitable for Doll’s Festival.

No.3: Poteko, Sakura Kaoru Umashio Aji <Doll’s Festival>

Picture from Tohato

Poteko series which are popular for its crispy palate feeling releases the flavor limited for this season called Poteko, Sakura Kaoru Uashio Aji <Doll’s Festival>.

The cherry flavor brought by cherry leave powder and a refreshing sour taste make this elegant flavor.

No.4: Doll’s Festival Bakauke Assortment (Sanrio)

Picture from Kuriyama Beika

The popular rice cracker, Bakauke, collaborated with Sanrio’s popular characters.

The package design with the characters in Doll’s Festival costumes should excite people in the Doll’s Festival season.

One package includes four kinds of flavors, which is suitable for Doll’s Festival events or parties.

No.5: Anpanman Hina Arare

Picture from Kuriyama Beika

This Hina Arare, grilled bits of rice crackers for Doll’s Festival, uses Anpanman characters which are very popular among children.
This package has ten small portions and must be used at the events such as Doll’s Festival parties at neighborhood association, nursery school or kindergarten.

Individual packages also have a cute design for Doll’s Festival.

No.6: Peach Custard Cake

Picture from PR TIMES

The long seller, Custard Cake series releases the peach flavor for this limited season.

Moist and soft cake has peach custard cream and peach sauce inside, and you can enjoy the sweet-sour taste looking forward to the spring.

No.7: Coca Cola Peach

Picture from Coca-Cola Japan

Coca Cola Peach is the world’s first drink with peach flavor.

This fruity taste and the colorful design with peach color should excite people in the special season of Doll’s Festival.

No.8: Ajiwau Kanjuku Hakutou & Calpis and Calpis Kokusan Hakutou

Pictures from Asahi Soft Drinks

The golden combination of Calpis and white peach, which gains in popularity every year, is released this year again.

Straight type, Ajiwau Kanjuku Hakuto and Calpis which juice of fully ripened white peaches is used for has richer sweet taste and smooth feeling.

Calpis whose color is similar to white sake is good for children who cannot drink alcohol to make a toast.


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Products only for Doll’s Festival Season which are available at Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores have been shown above.

Let’s enjoy colorful and exciting Doll’s Festival with snacks and drinks that make us feel the spring!