【May 2020】5 Best Disinfectant Sprays for Kitchen Available at Japanese Supermarkets and Drugstores

It is so humid these days. When temperature and humidity gets higher, invisible unwanted bacteria is easy to increase. Especially in the kitchen where you cook and touch food, you must be concerned about bacteria. There are many kinds of disinfectant sprays for kitchen displayed in supermarkets and drugstores, and it is hard to choose. This article shows five best disinfectant sprays for kitchen selling well at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores. 

Which is Popular Disinfectant Sprays for Kitchen?

Based on Urecon’s sales ranking data, TOP 100, disinfectant sprays selling well at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores have been picked up and shown in the decreasing order of sales.

No. 1: Kabi Killer, Alcohol Sterile for Kitchen, Refill, 350ml

Source: Johnson Company

This product is alcohol disinfectant spray for kitchen. It can eliminate bacteria on cutting boards or knives, even on a dining table.  The ingredients are 100 percent food and food additives, so it causes no problems even if the agent attaches to tableware. Furthermore, thankfully, it is no need to wipe two times or wash away. It saves labor and surely eliminate bacterial. This is the right product for those who would like to focus on sterilizing the kitchen.

No. 2: Fumakilla, Alcohol Disinfectant Spray for Kitchen, Replaceable Container, 400ml

Source: Fumakilla Company

This product is also alcohol disinfectant spray for kitchen. It consists of 100 percent natural components, so it can be used for kitchen with security. The antibacterial component included, grapefruit seed extract is hard to evaporate, and its antibacterial effect is expected to last for more than a month. This agent also includes green tea extract with odor eliminating effect, so it is recommended to use for a dishcloth.

No. 3: Earth Corporation, Rakuhabi, Alcohol Sterile EX, Refill, 400ml

Source: Earth Corporation

The ingredients are 100 percent food and no additive, without chlorine, paraben, coloring. This product is domestically produced and can be used with security. No need to wipe off. Natural antibacterial components, citrus seed extract and persimmon extract, are included.

No. 4: Kurebe&Ando, Virus and Bacteria Remover Spray for Kitchen, 500ml

Source: Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

This product uses edible, food additive alcohol agent. Only you need to do is to spray on the kitchen, tables, lunchboxes and water bottles for kids, and no need to wipe up nor rinse. This is effective for a wide variety of viruses and bacterial. 

No. 5: Dover, Pasteuriser77, 500ml

Source: Dover Ltd.

This product is made based on long-term experience and technology of alcoholic beverage producing business, and 77 percent of this disinfectant spray consists of alcohol component. This is food additive with the permission of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, so it can be sprayed directly on food. Its antibacterial effect lasts long thanks to catechins. This is recommended for those who would like to eliminate bacterial on what you eat.

Have You Found Good Disinfectant Spray for Kitchen for You? 

How do you like this article that shows five best disinfectant sprays for kitchen on the sales ranking available at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores?

Reference: Urecon Disinfectant Sprays for Kitchen Sales Ranking

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