【October 2018】10 Best Women’s Face Masks Sold in Japanese Drugstores

Face masks are essential to prevent us from catching cold and developing hay fever. It seems a lot of women use face masks regularly to hide their face without makeup, moisturize the skin or prevent the cold.
Lately various types of masks have released such as relatively smaller ones or ones to make the face look smaller, and it could be hard to select the right one.

Here is the sales ranking of women’s face masks sold in Japanese drugstores!

Which is a Popular Women’s Face Mask? Here is the Sales Ranking!

Based upon Urecon’s sales ranking data, top 100, women’s face masks selling well at Japanese drugstores have been picked up and are shown in descending order of sales.

No. 1: Fitty 7 DAYS Mask EX White, Small Size

Picture from Tamagawa Eizai

This product is smaller than the standard face masks of the popular mask brand, Fitty, and popular because it fits women’s faces and is wearable for long hours without feeling discomfort. It is also convenient for carrying around since it is individually packaged.
The unit price is low, so it is great for daily use.
Average price: 234 yen for 7 masks, 628 yen for 30 masks.

No. 2: Unicharm Cho Kaiteki Mask, Small Size

Picture from Unicharm

This is the smaller size of Cho Kaiteki Mask, which has Silk Touch Filter with real silk contained and Soft and Stretch Ear Loops.
It has pleasant texture and excellent fitting feel, and is one of the most loved one among many kinds of smaller face masks.
Average price: 336 yen for 7 masks, 1,266 yen for 30 masks

No. 3: Rittaigata (3D) Nonwoven Mask, Small Size

Picture from Liv Laboratories

Rittaigata (3D) Nonwoven Mask, Small Size contains sixty face masks in a box. The unit price is as low as 9 yen, this product is recommended for those who cannot live without face masks.
Thanks to Three-dimensional Three-Layer Filter and soft ear loops, it is functional and comfortable enough.
Average price: 561yen for 60 masks

No. 4: Fitty Silky Touch More, Pink, Small Size

Picture from Tamagawa Eizai

This product is the smaller size of Silky Touch More where Comfortable nonwoven material is used for both external and internal sides and whose comfortable silk-like texture is quite popular. It is loved because it is sanitary because of its individual package and the pink color is cute.
Average price: 365 yen for 7 masks, 1,228 for 30 masks

No. 5: Gokuyawa (Super Soft) Nonwoven Mask, Small Size

Picture from Amazon

The attraction of Gokuyawa Nonwoven Mask, Small Size is its excellent softness.
It has some space around the mouth and it is easier to breathe. Since it is affordable, it is good to keep for future use.
Average price: 276 yen for 7 masks, 775 yen for 40 masks

No. 6: Unicharm Cho Kaiteki Mask, for Women

Picture from Unicharm

With the same function as Cho Kaiteki Mask, the difference of this product is the color, pink. The cute, baby pink must make women look more attractive.
Average price: 334 yen for 7 masks

No. 7: Three Dimensional Mask, Small Size, Baby Pink

Picture from Kowa

Three Dimensional Mask has both functions and comfortableness. Especially this Small Size, Baby Pink is popular among women who emphasize their appearance.
This product’s High Functional Five Layer Structure is effective for virus, pollens and PM 2.5.
Average price: 349 yen for 7 masks, 1,261 yen for 30 masks

No. 8: Unicharm Cho Kaiteki Mask, Stuffy-free Type, Small Size

Picture from Unicharm

Stuffy-free Type, Small Size from Cho Kaiteki Mask series uses their unique technology to clear the stuffiness in addition to avoiding virus.
Since it allows air to pass through easily, you can feel comfortable even in the hot weather. This product is great for women who wear face masks all year round.
Average price: 340 yen for 5 masks

No. 9: Three Dimensional Mask, Medium to Small Size, White

Picture from Kowa

Three Dimensional Mask, Medium to Small Size is popular among people who think the regular size is too big but the women’s masks are too small.
The width is shorter than the regular size by 1.5 cm, which is the right size.
Average price: 349 yen for 7 masks.

No. 10: Unicharm Kogao ni Mie Mask, Small

Picture from Unicharm

This Kogao ni Mie Mask is popular with its effect to make the face look smaller and its good fit. It has their unique Round Form at the chin and ear areas and when you wear it your face appears smaller. With this face mask, your dream to have a smaller face will come true.
Average price: 258 yen for 7 masks

Reference: Urecon Face Mask Sales Ranking

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Have You Found a Good Women’s Face Mask?

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If you are not sure to which one to buy, please find a good one which matches your preference based on this ranking.

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