【September 2019】5 Best Retort-packed Curry Available at Japanese Supermarkets

Retort-packed curry is really convenient. By just heating it up, you can enjoy tasty curry. Do you know that it was originally released as one of the military rations in the US? It is said that supermarkets have numerous kinds of those. You must be unsure which one you should take out of such a wide variety. Here you can see five best retort-packed curry popular at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores! 

Which Retort-packed Curry is Popular?

Based on Urekon ranking data (top 100), retort-packed curry selling well in Japanese supermarkets and drugstores has been picked up.

No. 1: Curry-ya Curry, Medium-Spicy, 200g

Source: House Foods

Curry-ya Curry, Medium Spicy won the first place. This beef curry is made by stewing twenty-nine kinds of spices blended in their original way, vegetables and broth for hours. Its great taste as always and reasonable price attract us. 

No. 2: Curry-ya Curry, Spicy, 200g

Source: House Foods

This is the spicy version of the one on No. 1. This beef curry is made by stewing twenty-nine kinds of spices blended in their original way, vegetables and broth for hours. If you prefer spicier one, you should try it. 

No. 3: Bon Curry Gold, Medium-Spicy, 180g

Source: Otsuka Foods

Bon Curry was released as the first commercially available retort-packed curry in the world in 1968. Its taste is like a homemade meal, so it has been loved by many people as a long-seller. Since you just put the box in the microwave after opening it to heat it up, it is preferred. You can enjoy the rich taste of onions stir-fried till their color turned amber and beef. 

No. 4: Curry-ya Curry, Hayashi, 200g

Source: House Foods

This Hayashi rice sauce has been really popular among people who love curry. It has rich and mild taste with sweet onions thoroughly stir-fried and moderately sour tomatoes. ※Tomato paste is used. 

No. 5: Ginza Curry, Medium-spicy, 180g

Source: Meiji

Ginza Curry reminds us of good old, fashionable Ginza town in Tokyo. Its mild, clear, rich taste of the broth brought by the chef’s wisdom and technique, sweet sautéed onions, and excellently blended spices realized the mellow and smooth roux. Please enjoy this gorgeous dish with just-cooked steamed rice. 

Have You Found Retort-Packed Curry You Would Like to Try?

How did you like this sales ranking of retort-packed curry available at Japanese supermarkets and drugstores? Retort-packed curry is the far most selling among all the retort-packed food. If you are not sure which one to choose, please refer to this ranking and the data showing the other products to find out your favorite one. 

Reference: Urecon Retort-packed Curry Sales Ranking

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